Nondiscrimination Policy
The Natural Healing College has a strict non-discrimination policy that is carefully followed and seriously enforced. All students applying for Natural Healing College course will be reviewed equally and fairly without any regard to gender identity, race, color, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability. NHC is an equal opportunity institution and follows all federal standards regarding equal opportunity.

Privacy Policy
The Natural Healing College views its privacy policy very seriously and understands each and every student’s rights. Natural Healing College will not distribute any information to any vendors under any circumstances. It is duly noted that NHC respects any and all information collected and maintains the right to refuse information without the students written and signed consent. Google Advertizing and Conversion Tracking policy: Google want us to disclose that we use of tracking technology to track Google results and conversions thru Google cookies and Google tracking system does not collect any private information.
Contact Information:

Registrar's office at 209.390.8076 ext 111 on business days from 9 AM PST-5 PM PST (Holistic Health Schools and Colleges)

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